Studio Studio is located in the woods of Toten, Norway.  Approximately one hour drive from Oslo, the capitol of Norway. The studio itself is built inside a 200 year old timber building. It's a sound studio in a different environment, a perfect place for the artist whose priorities are: Cost, effectively, creative environment and quality recording.  The studio can be rented with or without engineer, for the hour, day, week or month...

The mainbuilding was built in the late 1700's, consists of 5 livingrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 250 m2 of living accomodations. With it's antique style it has a complete feeling of ancient times. The house has all modern accomodation as well. We welcome you to spend some time in the past centuries!
The studio rooms: Controlroom: 40 m2, recordingroom: 60 m2, 4 ISO-rooms: 4,4,7,8 m2,  keyboardroom:. 10 m2